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16th June 2012

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The TLC show “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” (and it’s UK counterpart “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”) is a blatant smear campaign against all Roma people. They have found Roma people who are so outrageous and so NOT living according to the Romani laws of life and living, and portraying them as the “stereotypical” Romani… or “Gypsy”. In the old days, such individuals would have come before a council of elders who would “shun” them in a way that would put the Amish shunning to shame! 

TLC has paid these individuals to dress in certain ways, and act in certain manners - even going so far as to buy trailers and set them up as if this is where these individuals are living to give more “authentication” to the storyline. One of the girls portrayed in the show “Mellie” is/was a stripper and is shown in the show dropping to the floor and performing lewd dance moves in the middle of department stores, then make it sound as if this is a “typical” Romani dance. It is not. 

None of this is typical of Romani. This is NOT ACCURATE INFORMATION. This is harming all of us Romani further in ways of discrimination and prejudice. Please help us by sharing the following post to the following list of FB pages (a simple search will bring all the pages up).

This is the post I put together (originally) and posted to CiCi’s Pizza’s FB page, then changed the verbiage to reflect the others on the list. Please feel free to copy and paste the following message over to CiCi’s Pizza and change the verbiage to reflect the other companies on this list of advertisers of MBFAGW… Some of us who have taken action have had our posts removed from these pages as they do not wish to have anything “negative” on their pages. The more of us who can post to these pages and inundate them, the more notice they will take. 

Remember last year’s TLC show An American Muslim? Lowe’s, and several other companies, removed their advertising support during the airing of the show because of a racist smear campaign by a fundamentalist Christian group. If they can have such companies as Lowe’s remove their ad support, then we all can spark effort to have these other companies remove their support of a blatantly offensive show as My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. Please do help, even if you would only post to the pages of the first four on the list as they advertise several times during airings of MBGAGW, and share this status on your own walls also. Thanks you guys SO much! ♥

Ruby Tuesdays
georgio Armani
Cici’s pizza
Disney Pixar Brave…ya gotta go to the disney pixar page then comment on the movie brave

other adds
time warner cable
hopper dvr
little tykes
straight talk cell phones
Metro Matress
HGTV Paints at sherwin williams
Dove chocolates

"I am writing to petition Cici’s pizza to please ask TLC NOT to air your commercial’s during TLC’s My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. This show is offensive to all Roma people, and portrays us all in an extremely derogatory manner. While I understand that you base your advertising on demographics, I also know that you also target high rating shows, and unfortunately MBFAGW is one such high rated show. However, I also know that you can ask any network to remove your commercials during certain shows (as Lowe’s and several other companies did last year during TLC’s American Muslim show). 

Cici’s is a family-friendly restaurant that seems to be welcoming of all demographics, it is shocking then that you would support a show which is degrading to a certain demographic. I hope that you will take note of this post and stand up with the Romani people in boycotting My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding (and it’s UK equivalent “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”) by pulling your advertisement support during such shows. Respectfully yours… “

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